WWII history of the:

86th Fighter Group
May '44 - Mar '46

*When the Association was formed in 1980, the membership opted for the name 86th Fighter-Bomber Group Association as more descriptive of its role in the Mediterranean and European theaters of operation.
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86th Fighter-Bomber Group

Aug. '43- May '44

86th Bombardment Group (Dive)

Sep. '42 - Aug '43

86th Bombardment Group (Light)

Aug. '43 - May '44 

  The 86th was engaged primarily in close support of ground forces in Europe, with the group moving forward to bases in Sicily, Italy, Corsica, France, and Germany as the battle line changed.


12AAF - 9AAF


"courage will endure"

 The 86th Fighter-Bomber Group


P-40, A-36, and P-47 aircraft were used to attack convoys, trains, ammunition dumps, troop and supply columns, shipping, bridges, rail lines, and other objectives.

525th Fighter-Bomber



526th Fighter-Bomber


 527th Fighter-Bomber Squadron





86th FBG Association


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Curtis P-40 "Warhawk"

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Republic Aviation P-47 "Thunderbolt"



 North American A-36 "Invader"


P47 video same time and place the 86th served.

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86th FBG

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