WWII history of the:

86th Fighter Group
May '44 - Mar '46

*When the Association was formed in 1980, the membership opted for the name 86th Fighter-Bomber Group Association as more descriptive of its role in the Mediterranean and European theaters of operation.
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Commanders of the
86th Fighter-Bomber Group
1942 - 1955

Commander. UnknownFeb 1942 - Feb 1943
Maj Clinton U True10 Feb 1943
Lt Col Robert C Paul7 Aug 1943
Col Harold E Kofahl4 Dec 1943
Col Earl E Bates Jr2 Aug 1944
Lt Col George T Lee14 Feb 1945
Maj John H Buckner 23 Sep 1945 -14 Feb 1946
Col Adolphus R McConnell20 Aug 1946
Col Clarence T Edwinson15 Dec 1946
Reactivation after the War

The 86th Fighter Group was inactivated on 31-Mar-46.  On 20-Aug-46, the 86th FG was reactivated in Germany and assigned to the United States Air Forces in Europe.  Redesignated 86th Composite Group in May 1947, 86th Fighter Group in Jan 1948, 86th Fighter-Bomber Group in Jan 1950, and the 86th Fighter-Interceptor Group in Aug 1954.  Equipped successively with F-47, F-84, and F-86 aircraft.

Col Maurice L MartinFeb 1947
Maj John B EnglandJul 1947
Col Clarence T EdwinsonAug 1947
Col Michael IngelidoJul 1948
Lt Col James G ThorsenMay 1949
Col William H CouncillJun 1949
Col George T Lee25 Sep 1950
Col Richard O Hunziker6 Mar 1951
Col George Laven Jr18 Oct 1951
Col George R Bickell26 Apr 1952
Col George B Simler14 Jun 1952 - 1954
Col Robin OldsOct 1955