WWII history of the:

86th Fighter Group
May '44 - Mar '46

*When the Association was formed in 1980, the membership opted for the name 86th Fighter-Bomber Group Association as more descriptive of its role in the Mediterranean and European theaters of operation.
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"Allied Strafing in World War II,  A Cockpit View of Air to Ground Battle"      a book by William B. Colgan

"Understanding the Tactical Air War Handbook.".  A modern day compilation of factual events and tactics during WWII.  Contains quotes from William B. Colgan.

   "WWII Fighter-Bomber Pilots" a book by William B. Colgan

"From Two Men and a War"  a film with actual footage of pilots of the 86FBG, by Robert Drew of Drew Associates.

"Straight Down!   The North American A-36 Dive Bomber"  a book by Peter C. Smith

86th Fighter-Bomber Group Assoc. LOGO

War Department Field Manual FM-100-20  "Command and Employment of Air Power"  Published 21-Jul-43

War Birds Over Long Island